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The town of Andrezieux-Boutheon prides itself on being a modern village, though it is certainly rooted in a rich historic past. It is found to the south of the Plain of Forez, and St. Etienne is just 15 kilometers away. Your hotel in Andrezieux-Boutheon might look out on the modern aerodrome or across medieval buildings, as the town has taken change in stride while still preserving its history.A great place to start to learn about the Loire region as well as Andrezieux-Boutheon is at the Chateau de Boutheon. The palace dates from the 12th century, but was expanded through the 14th century. The palace itself is lovely, but you can also learn a great deal from visiting Le Centre d’Interpretation du Forez, which shares the history and culture of the region. Also visit the Animal and Botanical Gardens at the Chateau, with over 12 hectares of regional plants and animals. Other sights to visit include the Castel Martouret and perhaps a show at the Theatre du Parc.