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Fewer than 1,600 people live in the village of Blainville-sur-Mer in the Manche department of France’s Basse-Normandie region. Just 12 kilometers from Coutances, this small village has a wonderful seaside location, with beaches that have fine sand and lots of coves. The Havre de Blainville is an area known for its flora and fauna that is found amongst the dunes, making it a wonderful stop for nature lovers.The main church in town is a Romanesque structure from the 15th century, with sections that are older and date from the 12th century. One unusual characteristic of the church is the hexagonal cloister. On the rue de Bas, also visit the Château des Ruettes. Similar architectural gems are the Manoir de Gonneville (manor house) and the Marins Chapel. If you enjoy this type of architecture, take a trip to the nearby village of Gruchy. For an amazing sight, ask the staff at your discount hotel for directions to the Megaliths found in the area.