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Vauclaix Details

Vauclaix is a small town in the Burgundy region of central France. It is a mostly agricultural community, where visitors can enjoy beautiful pastures and streams as they wander the countryside. In particular, visitors will want to visit the Morvan, a black mountain that houses a National Park, which includes a museum. The area is popular for hiking and nature watching and horseback riding. You’ll also want to visit one of the beautiful lakes for boating or other water activities. Don’t miss Leaping Gouloux, a picturesque waterfall.When in town, be certain to visit the beautiful church in the center of town. Take in the Vauclaix, home to a beautiful eighth century church, today called St. Madeleine. Explore the Septennat Museum and the Castle Bazoches. Hotels in Vauclaix, France are somewhat scarce, but with you’re certain to find the right accommodations for your needs and your budget.