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      Plotted in the Hesse region of central Germany, tourists will find the amazing township of Fulda. Full of attractions, history, and culture alike, Fulda is sure to have something for every touring taste. Finding accommodation shouldn’t consume your holiday, and it’s with this in mind that provides a range of Fulda hotel solutions. Holiday budgets have a tendency to disappear, so stretching them with cheap Fulda hotels is the priority for some travelers – an objective can help with.The almighty Castle of Fulda (1707) should perhaps be the first stop on any Fulda tourist map. The amazing monument known as the Cathedral of Fulda (1704) should also be visited, accompanied with a trusty camera, of course; while the statue of Saint Boniface which dates back to 1830 is also worth a look. The visit would be complimented by a trip to the city parish church, built in 1771, called St. Blasius.