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Travelers are situated right near the Autobahn 250 highway when they decide to stay in Lüneburg hotels. Thus they can get to the sights outside and inside of the region fairly quickly. An interesting sight the tourists staying in hotels in Lüneburg are near to is the annual handmade crafts market. Everything from precious jewelry stoned objects to clothes and paintings are sold here. can place visitors to Lüneburg right in the midst of the region’s most awe-inspiring attractions.Once settled in the discount hotels Lüneburg offers, tourists should definitely visit to Rathaus, the city hall and they should go by the Atstadt which is a historically preserved part of town. And for a more sobering, reverent piece of history, during the week or a weekend, Lüneburg visitors should visit the memorial marker of where Anne Frank died in the town of Celle. Lüneburg cheap hotels and enlightening peaks of history are just some of the reasons that a visit to this region is a must.