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There are many communities on the Yamuna River. One of them is Agra. Every year, tourists flock to pay homage to 1 of the seven wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal. This beautiful Mausoleum on the banks of the river is famous around the Globe. Its pristine marble structure features on many a postcard. You see facsimiles of it everywhere – the Taj Mahal in front of the reflecting pool or at the end of the 4-quartered elemental garden. Indeed, the presence of such an architectural beauty is one reason why it may be difficult to locate an affordable hotel in Agra. will help you search for clean discount Agra hotels. With luck, you will find yourself relaxing in an Agra hotel, just minutes from the Taj Mahal.The Taj Mahal is not the only show in town – although it does seem like it sometimes. There are other attractions to explore. The Itmad-Ud-Daulah is one of them. It is stuck forever with the name “Baby Taj,” in spite of preceding the actual Taj in construction. This Islamic style mausoleum consists of brown and yellow Persian marble inlay. It is the first in the country to adopt this technique. Its hexagonal towers rise some 13m. Besides the 2 mausoleums, include Akbar’s Tomb on your agenda. It is in memorial of the great Mughal Emperor. He worked on it from 1602 until his death. The elegant minarets float softly in the air above the city. They are visible for miles. You can look out of many homes and hotels in Agra and see them. You may also be able to see Fort Agra (1565-1571). This is a fortified palace complex. It is the result of a wish by the Emperor Akbar. The original battlement was doubled with 70’ high walls consisting of red sandstone. You can enter through 1 of 4 gates. Overall, the structures reflect an Islamic-Hindu style.