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The Victorians once favored the small town of Miltown Malbay. They stayed in the residences and hotels in Miltown Malbay. From here, they went off to the waters of the beach at Spanish Point. Alternatively, you can visit the Beach at White Strand. Both stretches of beach are close to several Miltown Malbay hotels. helps you find a hotel in Miltown Malbay. Be sure to book far in advance if you plan to attend the Willy Clancy Irish Music Festival in July. The Festival lasts a week. People fill up the bars and halls as well as the Stadium at Hennesey Park. It bears the name of a man slain during a confrontation at Canada Cross.Many of the old sights of Miltown Malbay are gone, just a few still remain. Many, you can see from the stoop of your rustic Miltown Malbay hotel. Of particular interest is St. Joseph’s Church. This edifice dates from 1839-1840. It was a replacement for the Kilfarboy Parish Church. You can still view the ruins of that old church and its 16th century cemetery. St. Joseph added a steeple and a tower between 1861 and 1863. The church bell is from the Murphy Foundry (1868). The high altar dates from 1948. Nearby, you can visit the former Convent (1947-1954) – the renovated Miltown House. Heading out of town, you can see the home’s of the founders the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cleary Houses. Around town, you may also be able to glimpse the ruins of the original mills.