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Ireland is a picturesque country, characterized by rolling green pastures and beautiful landscapes. If you are interested in visiting Ireland, there are some excellent attractions to visit. One of these is called Staigue Fort, and it is located near Sneem, Ireland. You might not have heard of Sneem or Staigue Fort, but both are great destinations for anyone who seeks the beauty that nature can offer. Staigue Fort overlooks the sea and is situated nearby mountains. The discount hotels in Sneem offer breathtaking views of the Kerry Mountains. It is the solitude and the gorgeous views that make this area so appealing to many visitors.The other advantage of Staigue Fort is that it is intentionally authentic. While some might prefer the carefully-designed horticulture and architecture of other tourist sites, Staigue Fort is meant to be attractive for its natural beauty. If you’re planning to head to Ireland, you can book a reservation at one of the cheap hotels in Sneem and then plan a visit to Staigue Fort. It’s a great way to spend a relaxing vacation, and you are unlikely to see many other sites as natural and lovely as that at Fort Staigue.