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It’s been said that there’s virtually no place you can go in Italy that does not radiate history from every stone in the road; however, many of them just have ancient historical attractions sitting next to modern establishments, creating a sense of living history that you must reach in and discover on your own. Valledoria, on the other hand, presents a full narrative of history in the form of not only the attractions themselves, but a great museum that puts them in perspective.The Fountain of the Rosello makes a great place to begin your stay; idle around the village square and meet some locals to get a true sense of the local culture in the modern day. Then, the Cathedral of St. Nicolas of Bari offers a great insight into the village’s history, with the Historical Museum of Brigata Sassari tying it all together in an appealing collection of art and artifacts, the likes of which are rivalled only by the greatest museums of Rome or Venice. If you’re coming to Valledoria, plan on staying a while by booking a budget Valledoria hotel through