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The town of Melilli is located in the Syracuse province on the island of Sicily, and has approximately 13,000 residents today. One of the main attractions in Melilli is the breathtaking Basilica di San Sebastiano. The location was chosen because of its proximity to the Carcarella cave, where images of the saint were once found, and where the first church for the saint was built. Today, the basilica is an impressive structure with a grand approach along the church’s piazza, or loggia.For more secular attractions, head into the historical center of the town, where visitors can enjoy a splendid array of palazzos, or palaces, that were once private family residences. Many of these homes are located on the Via Iblea, from the Piazza Filippo Crescimanno to the San Vito zone of the city. The Palazzo Vinci, Palazzo Rossi, and the two palazzos in Piazza San Salvatore Rizzo are all worth a visit. While might not have palaces for you to stay in, be sure to check for discount Melilli hotels.