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The Netherlands town of Brielle has a long and colorful history which is still apparent today. It is a fortified town with almost 400 monuments that attest to its importance and history. One of the sights that people most often like to see is the St. Catherine the Great church. Cheap hotels in Brielle can be found near many of the monuments that dot the landscape of the town. Recreational activities at Brielle Maas (Lake Brielle) are another way to pass the time while visiting the town.The Den Briel Historical Museum is located in the same complex that the city hall is currently in. Originally built in the early 17th century as a prison, it now displays artifacts and information pertaining to the incredible past of the town. Budget hotels in Brielle are the perfect spot for historian buffs to retire to as they explore the historical archives. Documentation of churches, businesses and people that have been part of the town throughout the years can be found and viewed by the public. can assist you in finding the best Brielle hotels.