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Figueira Da Foz is a city of approximately 46,600 inhabitants located in Coimbra, Portugal. The city is built around where the Mondego river enters the Atlantic Ocean. Its setting, warm and close to the water, has attracted many tourists over the years. The city boasts many beaches and numerous ports and marinas. There are many legal casinos in Figueira Da Foz, and the most glamorous among them stand right along the beach. Legend has it the town is named after a famous fig tree that once grew near one of its docks, to which residents used to attach their boats.Visitors to Figueira Da Foz should check out the Casino Peninsular, among the largest casinos in Spain and Portugal. Other attractions are the town's waterfront promenade, as well as the Municipal Museum, which details the history of the region. For hotels in Figueira Da Foz, check out The site is especially useful to those looking for cheap or discount hotels in Figueira Da Foz.