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Vila do Bispo Details

Vila do Bispo was known, for centuries, as the breadbasket of the Algarve region of Portugal, and was originally known as Aldeia do Bispo, which means “Village of the Bishop.” Vila do Bispo's main sights are the historical town center, and the parish church of Santa Maria (with an attached museum) in the middle of that center The church has a Manuelin doorway dating from the 16th Century, and a Baroque interior dating from the 18th Century. It is a wonderful spot to take long walks, relax on gorgeous beaches, hike up mountains, and – in general – have a wonderful, relaxing, restorative vacation. You can walk to see the menhirs (standing stones) that indicate that Vila do Bispo was there in one form or another from pre-historic times. You can also surf, golf, dive, ride horses, visit a nearby water park, or go to a zoo in nearby is your tool to find the best deal on a discount hotel in Vila do Bispo, so that the bulk of your vacation dollars can be saved for touring the town as well as the rest of the Algarve. While Vila do Bispo is a wonderful town to relax in, you will find many conveniences to make your stay there go smoothly. It has two banks, a supermarket, many restaurants, and makes a great jumping off point to explore the Algarve. Local delicacies are fish (year-round), and game animals such as boar, hare, partridge, and quail (hunting season).