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There are hardly many places in the world like Porto Santo. As an island of Portugal located off the coast of the mainland, Porto Santo represents one of those ideal "getaway" places that vacationers cherish. It's complete with all the things you need to enjoy life, but makes it special due to the exotic nature of its environment and cultural features. You can enjoy shopping at the souvenir stores, eating at great restaurants, finding sand dollars along the beach, and so much more. The hotels in Porto Santo share this friendly sensibility, giving you a pleasurable experience for not a lot of money.Local attractions are in abundance on the island of Porto Santo. If you explore the area, you'll come across sights like the house of Christopher Columbus. There's also the Porto Santo Golf Course for working on your game, and the Porto Santo Museum for studying up on Portuguese culture. If you're flying directly to the island, you'll be treated to Porto Santo Airport, which is quite nice. With, you can keep a lot of money in your pocket by reserving a discount hotel in Porto Santo.