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Ponte de Lima is one of Portugal's oldest towns. Located on the southern bank of the Lima River, it is divided into 51 parishes. You can stroll through the Monday market (held twice a month), or pick up a booklet with half a dozen easy walks around the area. You can play golf at the Campo de Golfe de Ponte de Lima, relax at Arnado beach and visit the Guardian Angel Chapel on the way there or back. The Porto Airport is nearby, with flights to and from most major European cities. You can get there by bus from Porto or from Viana do Castelo. You can also rent a car at the airport and drive there.Using is the way to get the best deal on a budget hotel in Ponte de Lima, which will allow you to use the bulk of your vacation dollars to enjoy yourself in the beautiful country of the region. You can see the old Roman Bridge, which crosses the Lima River and either stroll across it or ride a horse over it (it's closed to motor traffic). You can visit the Igreja (Church) Matriz, or the Igreja de Saint António dos Frades (which is next to the Igreja de São Francisco dos Terceiros, which is now a museum of ecclesiastical, folk, and archaeological treasures). Don't miss the Torre da Cadeia, a 14th Century crenellated tower facing the river), or the Rua Beato Francisco Pacheco, a market street of Gothic and Manueline facades.