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Kazan, Russia is located east of Moscow on the Volga River, one of Russia’s most important rivers. Both Lenin and Tolstoy were educated at the University of Kazan, which was founded in 1804. Kazan has some of the best ballet and opera in all of Russia, so be certain to take in a performance while you’re visiting. The museums are impressive, too. Be sure to visit the State Museum of Fine Arts and the Bolgar State Reserve of History and Architecture, a reserve of monuments important to the history of the Tatarstan Province.While visiting Kazan, you’ll also want to visit the ancient cathedral, but you may want to take in some of the newer developments too. In recent years, Kazan has opened numerous casinos, restaurants and bars and there are quite a few new hotels in Kazan, Russia, too. Kazan is a wonderful combination of old and new Russia, with beautiful scenic views and history along with new entertainment for visitors.