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    Addo is a lovely city in South Africa to go and visit especially if you enjoy visiting National Parks. There is a place in Addo called Addo Elephant National Park, which is one of the main reasons people go to the city to visit. You can find many hotels in Addo close to the park. The park was in need of an elephant section back in year 1931 because the population of elephants had been diminished to only 11. Once the park added this home for elephants the population grew to a wonderful 450.In addition to the beautiful majestic elephants in the park you can also visit the buffalo, rhino, and antelopes all over the area. This elephant area of the national park will only get bigger with current plans of expansion underway. You will find the many discount hotels in Addo are all very close to the national park. Staying near the park not just is convenient but also very beautiful, because of all the natural beauty.