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    Cangas de Onis is a town of almost 7,000 permanent residents, located in the northwestern Spanish Principality of Asturias. It is widely admired by tourists for its picturesque combination of abundant plantlife and ancient buildings that date from the Middle Ages. The abundance of greenery stems from the fact that much of the town lies within the borders of the Picos de Europa ("Peaks of Europe") National Park. The prevalence of monumental ancient buildings speaks of the town's former political importance. Cangas de Onis was the earliest capital of the ancient Kingdom of Asturias, which was itself the first Christian state to have formed on the Iberian Peninsula. The Kingdom of Asturias was formed back in the 8th century AD.Attractions in Cangas de Onis include the monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva, the Parish Church of Santa Maria, and the so-called Roman Bridge, actually built during medieval times. For hotels in Cangas de Onis, use the Internet to find the best deals. Visit sites like to research and reserve discount hotels in Cangas de Onis and other Cangas de Onis cheap hotels.