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Northeast of Catalonia, between the mountains and the sea is the picturesque province of Girona. To experience everything the area has to offer, discount hotels near Llers in Girona, Spain are available. Begin exploring the town with a stroll down the Rambla Llibertat. This promenade offers great views, shops, restaurants, and locals who love to talk about the area. Near the Rambla Llibertat is the Carrer dels Ciutadans, a market full of local delicacies and fresh foods. Fuet, a local sausage, and suguet, a fish stew, are sold here.Budget hotels in Girona, Spain near Llers make visiting the ancient ruins and museums of Girona easy. The Cathedral in Girona dates back to the 13th century. Visitors walk up 86 steps to the cathedral’s entrance. Gothic in style, this cathedral also has a large arch still standing. To understand the rich history of the area a visit to the Archeological Museum is a must. Relics from centuries past populate the halls of this structure which can take an entire day to explore.