Hoteller i Alcolea del Pinar

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Alcolea del Pinar Details

Alcolea del Pinar, located in central Spain, is a lovely unassuming traditional village and is perfect for horseback riding or biking through the lovely countryside. Deposits from the region have shown the area has been a choice of settlement for peoples dating all the way back to Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic ages. For those looking for a quiet weekend, Alcolea del Pinar is the spot to do it. Because of the town’s small size, Alcolea del Pinar hotels are able to give very personable service and provide a most pleasant and relaxing stay. Hotels in Alcolea del Pinar will still be able to provide the same amenities of any hotel in a large city. This even includes the discount hotels Alcolea del Pinar has to offer. When using, you will be able to find any type of hotel in Alcolea del Pinar, cheap hotels included.The area of Alcolea del Pinar, though quiet, does offer its own sights for visitors. The House of Stone is an actual dwelling that was carved out of a very large rock. The work took 21 years to complete. The house is inhabited but open to tourists. The Church of Alcolea del Pinar is a 19th century work of classic simplicity. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking or biking through nature and plays a great part in many archaeological digs.