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    Carlisle is a city that is sixteen kilometers from the border of Scotland. The city is located to the extreme northwest of England. The population of the city of Carlisle is estimated to be around seventy-two thousand people. Carlisle is considered to be an administrative and the governmental center of the country. There are several activities to do when spending a day or weekend. Carlisle is a city that is shrouded in legend and myth. It is rumored that the famous Robert the Bruce and William Wallace laid siege to the area. This is just one of many local legends that have been passed down from generations to generation. There are several Carlisle hotels one can choose from. The hotels in Carlisle can be booked by using the website The website is a valuable resource of information that includes discount hotels Carlisle. Carlisle cheap hotels are perfect for the individual or family who is traveling on a budget. One is invited to step back in time and visit the many beautiful attractions that make up the city of Carlisle.The Carlisle Castle is one of the most popular attractions that was once the temporary address of the Mary Queen of Scots. Another gorgeous attraction is the Carlisle Cathedral. The Carlisle Cathedral gives one a chance to view an exquisite example of Medieval architectures. The Cathedral has fourteenth century stained glass and a decorated ceiling. The Birdoswald Roman Fort is an interactive visitor’s center located in the city of Carlisle that offers visitors information on two thousand years of history. The city of Carlisle is a wonderful place to visit for the weekend or longer.