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    The city of Doncaster is widely regarded as a distribution center. Tracing its modern roots to the airstrip used for air shows and it’s proximity to major cities, it has become the preferred airport for logistics companies. The airstrip has been converted into a full blown airport and it’s now called the Robin Hood Airport. As serious as the business here, the activities and places that you can visit will require more than a weekend. Doncaster has a museum dedicated to locals who love airplanes, and it is called the Aeroventure. It shows numerous aircrafts that were used for civilian and military purposes. There’s also the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery. Though not much about arts, you’ll see various artifacts from the prehistoric times. There are also collections from the modern era, showing the people’s way of life from the past until the present. Kids will definitely love the Brockholes Farm where they can interact with the animals while experiencing the life of a farmer.There are many hotels in Doncaster to choose from. Most of the visitors of the city are families who want to have a fun and relaxing stay in one of the discount hotels. Doncaster has various museums that are educational and fun for the whole family. Doncaster hotels also offer guided tours which you can book in advance. At, you’ll find the Doncaster cheap hotels that will suit your budget.