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          Leeds is definitely one of the best cities to visit when you are in West Yorkshire territory. The development of the city is in full swing and you’ll never have a dull moment when you stay there for the weekend. Leeds is primarily known outside the country for its football team, the Leeds United Football Club which was established in the year 1919. Their home stadium is now in Elland Road. There are also structures that tell of the historic past of Leeds. Among the most popular museums is the Royal Armouries which is the oldest in UK and one of the oldest in the world. This museum houses almost all types of arms and protective armories that were used in the battles of the past. The West Yorkshire Playhouse is a popular entertainment complex with theaters, bars, restaurants and even internet cafés. You should also visit the Harewood House, an 18th century mansion which is known as one of the treasures of England.The variety of hotels in Leeds makes it very easy for travelers to choose their perfect hotel. It’s estimated that 20,000 residents rely on tourism as their main source of income. Leeds hotels are also one of the more profitable businesses of the residents here. Leeds cheap hotels are usually owned by residents, and you can haggle for lower rates. But if you want to stay in the best discount hotels, Leeds spots and hotels can be found in