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The city of Albany is the 12th largest city in Oregon, with 47,470 inhabitants in 2007. It is situated on the west side of the state of Oregon and was established by the Kalapuya native Indians where the Calapooia River merges with the Willamette River. It was renamed in 1848 by European settlers, Walter and Thomas Monteith, who bought it for $400 and a horse, and opened a general store. Albany city covers 16 square miles, and is in the most populated region of Oregon, the Willamette Valley. Over 42,000 people live in the city.The climate in Albany is temperate, and average daily temperatures range from 30F in January to 84F in August. It is 210ft above sea level and is in the Pacific Time zone. Albany is known for its production of rare metals, such as zirconium and titanium. It also produces grass seed, corn, beans, strawberries and hazelnuts, but the decline in the timber industry has left Albany with high unemployment. Visitors to Albany will enjoy the many festivals, summer concerts and events in the city. There are also a number of delightful historic homes, churches and museums in the downtown area. There are several budget hotels and chains in the town, and offers a good choice of quality accommodation in Albany.