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    Guyancourt is overshadowed by what surrounds it. Yvelines is home to the incomparable Versailles. Versailles attractions include the famous Hall of Mirrors, the Queen’s Bedroom, the War Room, the royal Chapel and the Council Chambers. There are the Gardens with the Fountain of Neptune, the Dragon Fountain and the Fountain of Latona. There are Formal Gardens and the Kings Gardens, the Petit and Great Trianon as well as the Orangery. In the region near Guyancourt, attractions also include the Château de Rambouillet near the Forest of Rambouillet. This is an ivory colored building with a brick wall, five stone towers and oak-paneled rooms. The forest covers around 30,000 acres. This is not the only Château to compete with Guyancourt. There are several in the region including the sumptuous rosy-red brick Château de Dampierre and the Maisons-Lafitte. Guyancourt attractions are ecclesiastical. Guyancourt sights include St. Victor Church from around the 14th century and the Town Hall. It does, however, have its own events. Guyamcourt activities include golf tournaments and hosting a boisterous Carnival.