hotele w Allersberg

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Allersberg Details

Allersberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany, offers a host of both popular sightseeing and tourist attractions as well as some wonderful hotels. Allersberg accommodations are simple to reserve using, making your travel planning a snap. While staying in one of the many hotels in Allersberg, be sure to visit ancient churches including the All Saints Catholic Church, originally built in the 13th century. Another older building to visit is the Old Station, the railway station now being used as the public library.When staying in Allersberg hotels, you may also want to take a stroll through the Allersberg Market Square, home to local shops, stores and galleries. For those that also want to take a look through local art exhibits, visiting the Gate Tower, part of the original wall around the city, provides a glimpse into the town's past as well as the talent of local artists. There are plenty of hiking and trekking trails in the area, plus in the summer months there is cycling and horseback riding, as well as boating and windsurfing on the nearby Rothsee Reservoir.