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Bad Tölz Details

The mid-sized town of Bad Tölz is located in southeastern Germany has been a recognized spa area for millennia, with official recognition as a medicinal spring coming from the government in the 19th century. Hotels in Bad Tölz vary widely from palatial suites to clean and functional, modern rooms. Services such as make it easy to find Discount hotels. Bad Tölz is also known for it’s white water rafting opportunities on the Isar River as well as one of the most impressive water parks (the Alpamare) in the region.The region was once also used as an airfield by the former allied powers after World War Two and has a nearby airstrip to this day. Aside from the spa, the town is a haven for those interested in the architecture of the early middle ages. In addition to international visitors, many Germans visit for the weekend. Bad Tölz is large enough to have many restaurants and open late into the night. Bad Tölz hotels are generally less expensive the further you are from the spas and train stops. For younger travellers looking to stay in Bad Tölz, cheap hotels are available during summer and winter months.