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A large number of visitors to Bavaria choose Coburg, a treasure of a town in the northern part of the region. The hills that dominate the landscape make this a wonderful place for sightseeing from a hotel in Coburg. Travelers who enjoy the outdoors may also find Veste Coburg fascinating, as this castle dates back five centuries is one of the prominent landmarks of the area (along with Ehrenburg, a castle that has undergone a facelift since it was first built). Let help you find a discount Coburg hotel that will put you close to these age-old treasures or next to one of the traditional houses built in the half-timber style. Many visitors allow plenty of time to view the excellent collections of glass, ceramic and copper items that Coburg is known for.Among the activities available to someone venturing from a budget hotel in Coburg are fishing, golf and horseback riding. Travelers also discover the traditional gingerbread with gold leaves (really!) that has the delightful name of Goldschmaetzchen. Coburg also has the distinction of being the home, in later life, of famous composer Johann Strauss. Among the attractions that draw visitors to Coburg are Schloss Rosenau, a small castle once used as a residence by Queen Victoria.