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Feldafing (Starnberger See) Details

Feldafing, which is located on the western shore of Starnberger See, or Lake Starnberg, in English, is an absolute joy to visit. It has long enjoyed a reputation as being a really great spot for a vacation and to simply unwind and enjoy Bavarian hospitality at its best. As you can imagine, it has its fair share of things to do and see and it also boasts a number of excellent hotels, many of which are quite reasonably priced, even though the standard of accommodation is very high. quickly guides you through the booking process, so you can have more time to plan the rest of your vacation and what you will do.When in Feldafing, the one thing that everyone does is simply to take a walk on the shore of Lake Starnberg. It feels like being on the seashore and is a very romantic place to stroll, particularly as the sun sets. If golf is your passion then Feldafing will delight you, since there is an excellent golf course. You can also view the magnificent Rose Island, which is the only island in the lake. When there you should also take in the Museum, which is fascinating. But remember that this is a place to unwind, so check out the cafes and bars to sample all the delights of this wonderful ‘seaside’ resort.