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In the Roth district of Bavaria, Hilpoltstein is a short distance from the city of Nuremberg, making it a great place to start exploring the history of the region. Choose a hotel in Hilpoltstein, among the 13,000 residents, and journey out to get a feel for the traditions of this community dating back a thousand years. The castle here is centuries old and the community became part of Bavaria in 1799. Let help you find a Hilpoltstein hotel to use as a sightseeing base. It's the perfect choice for seeing the town hall or Rathaus, as well as the town's church, known as the Stadtpfarrkirche.Visitors to Hilpoltstein who have an interest in the sciences may want to seek out sites and items associated with Johann Sturm, a well-known mathematician and astronomer who was a native of this town. Some travelers feel they step in to a fairy tale when they visit this community. The flowers, traditional architecture and great accommodations make it a particularly pleasant place to stay. Roth, just a short distance from Hilpolststein, is situated in a beautiful hilly landscape that delights those who choose a hotel in Hilpoltstein. Remember that cycling is a wonderful way to see the landscape.