hotele w Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt Details

Ingolstadt is a gem of a town, that has so many beautiful buildings to see and experience, that it is hard to pick out which ones are the best. Really the one place that you should go to is the Kreuztor, which dates back to the year 1385 and is a massive building with 7 towers and turrets. Absolutely stunning. Then you should take in the Asamkirche, which is a beautiful Baroque building, with some exceptionally good works of art. The town’s Museum is also worth a visit and there are some great exhibits there. Finally allow enough time for a visit to the Ministry of our Lady, which is a classic example of Renaissance architecture.But when you are in Ingolstadt, you will need somewhere to stay, so make sure that you use, to sort out all your accommodation needs before you travel. Don’t leave it too late and make sure that you book the perfect hotel for you, right now.