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Kochel am See is a town on the shores of Lake Kochel that is located in the Bad Tolz-Wolfrathausen district of Bavaria, Germany. It is a pretty area, as trees with luxuriant foliage and many types of greenery grow here, as well as flowers. It has become a popular destination for summer vacations as well as winter vacations for many. There are two beautiful lakes in Kochel am See called Kochelsee and Walchensee as well as an indoor recreation center called Trimini that is located at the lake. It is a snap to find cheap hotels in Kochel am See. Many fine selections of accommodation exist that will save you a surprising amount of money.Kochel am See offers the nature lover some amazing scenery to enjoy. Take a ride to the top of Mt. Herzogstand on the gondola known as Herzogstandbahn. You may prefer to hike up the mountain instead. After around 45 minutes, you are rewarded with a view that is breathtaking. The Franz Marc Museum is an art museum full of interesting treasures that will thrill all art lovers. You will find that the cheap hotels in Kochel am See are first class in presentation.