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Konigstein is located in the Amberg-Sutzbach district of Bavaria, Germany. It is a market town that is 28 miles northeast of Nuremberg. Visitors to Konigstein usually want to see the points of interest that make the town unique. One of these is the Ossinger Hill. This is a hill that is 2,142 feet high. It is the second tallest hill not just in Konigstein, but in the entire Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria. At the top of the hill there is a tower, and the view of the countryside from inside the tower is phenomenal. There is also a nice little hut with seating at the peak of Ossinger Hill, where light refreshments may be enjoyed. Discount hotels in Konigstein are a good value, and appeal to travelers of all ages.Another attraction in Konigstein is Breitenstein Chapel. This lovely two story structure is situated on a projection of rock, and has been a chapel since the 12th century. The upper floor was for nobility, while the lower floor was for the common people. Those who enjoy golf will be pleased to discover that there is a lovely 18 hole golf course known as Golf Konigstein waiting to be enjoyed. For an overview of all hotels near these attractions, you are on the right website: Cheap hotels in Konigstein are well appointed and well placed in and around town.