hotele w Landsberg am Lech

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Landsberg am Lech Details

You will quickly discover that Landsberg am Lech is not just any German town. Located in Southwest Bavaria, Landsberg am Lech is known as the location of the prison where Adolf Hitler was locked away in 1924. Landsberg am Lech was once a Displaced Person camp for the Jewish refugees once World War II was over. There are several tourist attractions located in and around Landsberg am Lech. Most people who are visiting in this area will want to take the time to see the Bavarian Gate and Landsberg’s Town Hall. You can count on discount hotels in Landsberg am Lech when you locate them by using attractions in Landsberg am Lech in Bavaria include the Holy Cross Church, the Landsberg Parish Church, and St. John’s Church. There is a health spa in Landsberg, along with several museums. There are cheap hotels in Landsberg am Lech that are well appointed, and can serve as a great home away from home while you are in Bavaria.