hotele w Untergriesbach

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Untergriesbach Details

Untergriesbach is a charming town in Bavaria, that is within the Valley of the Danube. There are some interesting sights here, such as the old ruined castle, with its famous yoke stone, which is not the biggest castle in the world, since it has been partly demolished over time, but it also has a wonderful sense of history and romance. There is a great indoor swimming pool in Untergriesbach, with all kinds of spa facilities thrown in for good measure. One activity that most visitors do is to go for a walk in the outlying countryside and see the Danube in the huge National Park. Or you can just enjoy the peace and quietness or ‘ruhe’ as the Germans call it that this lovely town has to offer.Booking a hotel room in Untergriesbach is also very easy, since all you have to do is use for all your accommodation needs. So if you want a budget hotel or a historic, romantic hotel, then will help you to arrange it.