hotele w Viechtach

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Viechtach Details

Viechtach, in the heart of Bavarian forests, is too charming for words. It really is so beautiful and peaceful that it is hard to think of a nicer place to spend a relaxing vacation. One thing you must do is go into the forest and simply forget about the world out there, since this is a very isolated place, where you can trek for hours even a whole day and not see anyone else. Besides the forest there is some really open countryside nearby and trekking in the countryside is one of the reasons people come here. But in town, the market in Viechtach is also a great place to spend a day and you can taste some Bavarian specialities. The Old City Hall is a cultural area and there are lots of concerts/exhibitions held here, so try to check one of these out.Booking a hotel room in Viechtach is simple. All you have to do is use to make sure that you book a hotel that meets your needs and is within your budget, then let the vacation commence!