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Zirndorf is a little German town in the Firth district of Bavaria. It is a beautiful town, and well known to many American soldiers. Pinder Barracks in Zirndorf housed many Army soldiers from the 1940s until 1999, when the area became Pinder Park. Zirndorf is also home to the Playmobil Funpark, which was fashioned after the popular variety of children's toys by the same name. Zirndorf is a short distance from the Germany city of Nuremberg, where there is much to see and do. There are discount hotels in Zirndorf that will allow the tourist to feel very much at home while in Germany.Other attractions in and around Zirndorf include the Stadtishen Museum, the Hulk of the Katharinen Church, the Germanisches National Museum, the Frauenkirche Nurnberg, and the Nurnberg Zoo. You can find cheap hotels in Zirndorf that will be in close proximity to many of the popular attractions of this area. Some time spent at will make it simple to locate the perfect accommodations for your trip to Germany.