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        The relatively large city of Bochum is located in rolling hills of west central Germany and owes its existence largely to the rise of industrialism in the 19th century when hundreds of thousands from nearby villages flocked here for jobs, exponentially increasing the population in just a few dozen years. Today, industry has given way to service and information technologies, with the many local universities contributing not only brain power but also, a lively night life (such as that found in the infamous Bermuda Triangle of clubs) that bring tourists from all over for the weekend. Bochum is also well known for its arts and leisure activities, including theatre and performance. Summer shows are often scheduled in the large Wattenscheld Amphitheatre, located in a city park.Being a large city, Bochum hotels vary a great deal, with quite a few choices of discount hotels. Bochum visitors will want to be sure not to miss the several fine museums found in the town, including the very comprehensive Museum of German Mining. Hotels in Bochum are often found in historic buildings that date back to the boom times of the mid-19th century, though there are also several more modern designs, too. For those travelling on a budget in Bochum, cheap hotels are readily available on the outskirts of town and during the off-season. On-line booking services such as can help you find the best deals within the area and time you want.