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Trier dates back to around 16 BC and has the distinction of being the oldest German city. This picturesque city has a population of approximately 100,000. For visitors spending a week or weekend, Trier will amaze them with its magnificent architectural monuments and art treasures. helps travelers locate Trier cheap hotels or elegant Trier hotels. For traveler’s on a budget, several hotels in Trier and also the discount hotels Trier has is sure to meet their requirements. The massive Roman city gate, the Porta Nigra, stands at the old town’s north entrance. People have called this the Black Gate since the middle ages because of its age-blackened stones. One of Germany’s oldest churches is the 11th-12th century Cathedral with it spectacular tenth century St Andrew’s Alter and rich treasury. Visitors to the Rheinisches Landesmuseum will admire the fine collection of works of art from medieval, Early Christian, Roman, and prehistoric times.