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        Schleswig Holstein Details

        This is a coastal region. The Black Sea, beaches and marshes are characteristic of the area of Schleswig-Holstein. The capital city is Kiel with its lively streets, sea air and lots of sun. At Schleswig, you can go to St. Peter’s Cathedral or see the Viking Museum. At Plön, there is a castle and, if you visit Bad Schwartau, you will see life in a spa town. Bad Schwartau is on the River Tave. It is a small town with a therapeutic thermal spa. This is a major part of Bad Schwartau tourism. One of Bad Schwartau attractions is the Spa. Other Bad Schwartau sights relate to the spa. The Civic Museum, an expression of Bad Schwartau culture, is in the former Elizabeth Sp. It tells the natural and historical history of the city. Other things to do in Bad Schwartau involve swimming and hiking. You can go to the Nordic Walking Park or visit the lake in the park. If you spend a weekend in Bad Schwartau, there is mini-golf and tennis. Try shopping in Bad Schwartau at the Christmas Market.