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      Thuringia Details

      Travelers come to Thuringia to view the fairy tale palaces and castles. Goethe had a summer home in Weimer. Luther, Bach and Schiller all came to the region. The capital is Erfurt but you might want to visit Greiz. Greiz attractons vary. You have the natural beauty of the surrounding wooded valley. You also have the Castles, palaces and churches. One of the main Greiz sights is the Summer Palace in the park with English-style gardens. This Neo-Classical structure now houses an art museum of caricatures and satirical works from the artist Hogarth to Daumier. This is an example of historical and artistic Greiz culture at work. In Town, one of the things to do in Greiz, is to look at the Upper Castle or the Church. The Town Church dates from 1540 but grew in the 18th century. The interior is Neo-Classical. The Upper Castle suits atop Castle Hill, an example of Weismer State architecture. You can go shopping in Greiz for postcards displaying these sites.