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    Limerick City is in the west of Ireland close to the river Shannon. The city dates from the pre-Viking era but became more established in the ninth century. It suffered heavily under the onslaught of Oliver Cromwell and his soldiers in 1651. Limerick is only fifteen miles from Shannon Airport and is a great place to be at the weekend. Limerick is a lively and growing city, particularly with the advent of five new Limerick hotels in 2006. You can take an historical walk around the town. Hotels in Limerick, just as in the rest of Ireland offer a warm welcome to tourists and other guests although it may not be easy to get a place in discount hotels. Limerick is a popular place to visit and Limerick cheap hotels may be fully booked.If you plan on visiting Limerick in the future then book early with one of the many sites such as – that way you’ll have money left in the budget to enjoy all that Ireland has to offer. Have a look around the twelfth century Cathedral of St. Mary’s or the thirteenth century castle of King John. Visit the Hunt Museum or the Bell Table Arts’ Centre.