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                Off the Sorrentine Peninsula is the Italian island of Capri, where stunning sights attract many tourists. The Piazzetta is the centre of the island, where bars, restaurants and cafés are scattered everywhere and where both locals and tourists choose to socialize and enjoy the beautiful island. The Villa San Michele and its gardens are very beautiful and the views of the peninsula and Mount Vesuvius are absolutely amazing. The gardens also have many antique relics, some of which are from Ancient Egypt and are thus very interesting to anybody that is interested in history. With different attractions in the island that appeal to different people, everybody can agree that there are some great cheap hotels in Capri to choose from, and the savings mean that you have enough money to spend on your vacation.La Grotta Azzurra is spellbinding and unforgettable; a narrow cavity that is only accessible via rowing boat. To go through, one must lie down flat inside the boat and with the reflections of sunlight, you will feel as though you are floating through the sky. Tours are available and many of the boatsmen will sing for you so that you can hear the wonderful acoustics within. This experience is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed. With many restaurants in Capri to choose from, you will be able to taste lots of delicious dishes and with plenty of discount hotels in Capri you can relax in somewhere of fantastic quality for a great price.