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San Pietro Island Details

7km from Sardinia is this beautiful island which is best known for its tuna fish. In Carloforte, the only town in the island, the houses are all painted in pastel shades along the coast, making it both very beautiful and very distinctive. Stunning beaches also line the coast, meaning that you have plenty to choose from to relax on. Since the weather is very nice, many people simply choose to chill out at one of the discount hotels in San Pietro Island where they can lie in the sunshine.People who are interested in history or architecture may like to visit the church Chiesa dei Novelli Innocenti. The foundations of this church date back to the 14th Century and it was apparently built in honor of children who died in a shipwreck on the way to North Africa. Capo Sandalo Lighthouse was built in the 1880s and is also architecturally interesting to many people. With fantastic sights and budget hotels in San Pietro Island, you should definitely consider going on your next vacation there.