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    The province of Lecco is located in the northern Italian province of Lombardy. The highest peak of the province is called Mount Legnone, with a height of over 2600 meters; it attracts thousands of tourists each year that enjoy hiking, mountain biking and extraordinary views. A bit lower, but no less spectacular, is Grigna mountain in the Grigne mountain range; this peak has a height of a bit over 2400 meters and slightly below it is found one of the oldest refuges in the entire region of Lombardy. Besides all these mountains and outdoor activities, the province also offers a wealth of history and culture. The capital city of the province, also called Lecco, was initially inhabited by Celts, before 1000 BC; Lecco culture and Lecco attractions reflect this antiquity. You can see the remains of Celtic castles right outside the city limits. Be sure to take a walk through the historical center to see the small alleyways left over from medieval times.