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The province of Oristano is located on the western coast of the island of Sardinia; it is bathed by the Sardinian Sea. The area has a good amount of archaeological remains that tourists enjoy. There is Tharros, which is an ancient Phoenician city founded in the 8th century and which is currently an open air museum. The town of Fordongianus contains Roman thermal baths dating to the first century AD; the entire town was built on the ancient remains of the fortified Forum Traiani. Throughout the province there are also remains dating as far back as the Bronze Age. Other attractions include the Basilica of Santa Giusta, dating to the 11th century, the religious complex of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, dating to the 8th century, and the Cathedral of the capital city, Oristano, dating to 1130. Visit the city of Riola Sardo; sights here include the remains of the Parochial Church built in the 1500's and various 17th century buildings. When you’re in Sardinia for a weekend, Oristano could be a fun place to visit.