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The province of Pavia is located in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The area is rich in natural beauty and boasts quite a number of protected zones. There is the Lombardy Natural Park of the Ticino Valley, which is the oldest regional natural park in the whole country, and a number of other natural reserves and parks. The capital city of the province, also called Pavia, was the capital of the ancient reign of the Lombard people and today houses one of the oldest universities in Italy. Other important sights in the city include the Cathedral, originally constructed in the 15th century, and the Certosa di Pavia, a monastery dating to the 14th century and one of the most important Late Gothic monuments in Italy. Head out of the city to visit the other towns and cities of the province, such as Godiasco; attractions here include the medieval historical center that still preserves defensive wall towers, which date to the 13th century.