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Cilento Details

Southern Italy is home to the region of Cilento. This area has the Parco Nazionale del Cilento. Tourists and naturalists leave their hotels in Cilento to visit this natural wonder. It is on the World Nature Reserve List of UNESCO. However, Cilento hotels offer a chance to do other things in the region. can help you arrange to stay in Cilento cheap hotels or discount hotels. Cilento can then encourage you to spend some of the time and money you save on their beaches or in their small village stores.For a weekend, Cilento can serve you up the Greek Temples of Paestum and other archaeological sites of its Phoenician Greek colonial past. There is a small museum dedicated to the various archaeological discoveries. There are caves or grottos such as the Grotte diPertosa to explore, local churches and rocky caves. You can take a boat trip along the coast or go picking wild flowers.