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    The region of Emilia-Romagna covers the agriculturally rich plains of the Po River Valley. Tourists in Emilia-Romagna hotels would agree the result is some of the finest gastronomic traditions on the entire Italian peninsula. When you book through, be sure to stay in hotels in Emilia-Romagna where the cooking reflects this cultural tradition. Some of the Emilia-Romagna cheap hotels care sure to direct you where you can sample the best of this authentic cuisine. If it is more economical to remain in discount hotels, Emilia-Romagna restaurants can supply the necessary food-fix.Besides food, in a weekend Emilia-Romagna can introduce you to early Christian mosaics at Ravenna, a parmesan cheese factory, the stone carvings of Modena’s cathedral, the Galleria celebrating all things Ferrari and the Busker’s Festival in Ferrara. You can visit old universities, medieval cities and the red brick monuments characteristic of Bologna. The sights are considered well preserved, the cuisine is held as excellent and the mostly Renaissance architecture adds a richness to the flavor of the region.