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        The province of Treviso is located in the northern Italian region of Veneto. It is quite old, having been inhabited since prehistoric times. The capital city of the province, also named Treviso, boasts a multitude of historical and artistic attractions. For example, check out the Church of San Francesco, built in the 13th century, and the Loggia dei Cavalieri, also built in the 13th century as a sort of “clubhouse” for the nobility and knights of the city. The Cathedral, built in the 14th century, is also worth a visit, as is the Buranelli, an old waterway that recalls the canals of Venice. Head out of the capital city for some more history and visit the towns of Asolo and Cison di Valmarino; attractions here include La Rocca, a fortress type construction dating to the 12th century, and various 17th century churches. For an art-filled weekend, Treviso is a wonderful place to visit.